• Dog Breeds

    The breeding of purebred dogs today has become very complex and even in many breeds of dogs there are many different breeding lines that produce different type and traits of dogs.

    This has come about due to breeders personel likes and dislikes of a certain types, sizes or colors but every breeder of purebred dogs needs to remember that breed of dog breed standard.

  • Choose The Right Dog Breed

    There are so many factors to choosing the perfect dog breed and everyone will emphasize one factor or another in their selection process.

    Generally it is recommended by most breeders and professional trainers to try to match a breed to your lifestyle, rather than simply choosing a dog and trying to match your lifestyle to their needs and temperament.

  • Adopting the Right Pet

    When finding a pet it is important to do the necessary research to ensure you find a good match. Different breeds are different temperaments and characteristics. Some dogs do well with children while others may be aggressive towards young kids.

    Here we have outlined a few common dog breeds to help you find the pet that is right for you and your family.

  • Dog Breed Comparison

    There are hundreds of different dog breeds to choose from. Before selecting a puppy or dog to adopt be sure to do some research on the breed to ensure compatibility with your family, children and other pets.

    Here we have outlined a few common breeds to help you in your search for the perfect dog.

  • Perfect Dog Breed For You!

    If choosing dog is such a straight forward process, and it is, how come so many puppies find their way into adoption centres every year? Well one reason is that people choose the wrong dog breed.

    Dog breeds are deeper than just their appearance. When choosing a dog breed consider more than just the look, consider how it fits into your life

About Us

Your choice of a small dog should be guided by many factors other than the looks of the dog. The best dog breed for you is without question then, the breed that best suits your lifestyle as well as your needs. This is so because what one individual or family for that matter considers best for them, is not necessarily so for another family.

Small dogs are generally good with children especially if they are introduced to the children as puppies. However, some breeds are better with children than others. If you have children or other pets, the best breed would be one that easily gets along with your children and other pets. A good example would be the Boston Terrier or the Pug. Some small dog breeds learn commands faster than others. If you are in need of a dog that you can train with a lot of ease, then the best small dog breed for you would be one of the fast learners like the Chihuahua or the Border Terrier.

If you or other members of your family have allergies to dogs, then without a doubt, the best small dog for you would be one of the low shedders or indeed, the non shedders. The Maltese and the Cocker Spaniel are good examples of such breeds. However, it is important for you and the other members of the family to spend some time with these dog breeds, so that ultimately you settle for the breed that suits you best because remember; an individual's allergic reaction will vary between dog breeds.

In summary therefore the best small dog breed varies from one individual to another. However, it is important that you have a holistic understanding of any one breed of dog so that you don't end up with the wrong choice of a dog. Look at everything with regard to the small dog breed you are interested in and eventually, you will be able to determine the best breed for you.

Many people make the mistake of getting a dog without full knowledge of their breed's needs, predispositions and traits. Each different breed has a unique set of challenges, and positives too, that come along with owning a dog from said breed. It is common when adopting a dog to do so because it is cute or otherwise aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes people will want a dog because of a TV, book or movie character whose hero or heroine is a particular breed - i.e. wanting a Great Dane because of Scooby Doo.

This mistake does a disservice to both the dog, and the person. If you are considering adopting a dog, be sure to research his or her breed fully before choosing one. This is an easier thing to do now than it was 50 years ago, because rather than the library you have but to search the Internet. Scores of reputable sites with thorough information regarding a certain breed's quirks are just a mouse click away. You may find yourself unpleasantly or pleasantly surprised if you adopt a dog without doing so. Here are a few common misconceptions to get your gears turning.

Many people adopt small dogs because they are so "cute" and they must have an unconditionally cute personality to go along with their stature and faces. While it is true that smaller dogs are cute, they very often are not as personable as it is easy to assume they are. Chihuahuas for example, are very one person to one family dogs. They don't usually get along well with children because children often treat them like a toy, which causes them to nip or snarl. Mini Pinschers are much the same. They are fiercely territorial, and are a one family type dog. Guests will be treated with caution and even aggression until the Pinscher feels they are trustworthy. Similarly, small dogs like poodles and some breeds of terrier are some of the most intelligent dog breeds. Treating them like a toy to be played with or a doll to dress up is likely to cause them mental distress and in return, aggression toward all.

Several breeds of terrier, the miniature pinscher and the schnauzer, as well as a smattering of other small dogs are not necessarily the "toy" version of a larger breed. In the mini pins's case, the Doberman breed was bred up from the small size, and not the other way around. In the case of many terriers and the schnauzer, different sizes are different variations on the same breed, rather than some forced size alteration caused by years of inbreeding or some such nonsense.

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Many dog breeds like to be very active and do require either a large area to run around freely or substantial amounts of walking and exercise on a leash.

If you are a person that lives in a small apartment and does not have a yard or a lot of time for walking your dog then the larger and more active of the dog breeds may not be the best for you.

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  • When many people by dogs they choose the dog breeds at random and based off of what they think looks nice or sounds fun.

  • Many dog breeds do not require a whole lot of exercise or room to run around, mostly the smaller dog breeds.

  • Many dog breeds like to be very active and do require either a large area to run around freely or substantial amounts of walking and exercise on a leash.